Traxx Overhead Patient Lift: Safe, Reliable and Affordable

Traxx Mobility Systems TITAN 500



  • Free-standing frame made of strong, durable aluminum
  • Four point lifting bar insures stable and secure transfer
  • Lifts up to 500 lbs.
  • Low voltage remote is safe near water
  • No physical strains of moving equipment or manual pumping to lift patient


  • Lift motor is battery powered and easily rechargeable
  • Runs for days after power loss
  • One button remote control
  • Installs in minutes and easy to move and reinstall
  • Only one caregiver needed to move patient


  • Sold as a complete system
  • A fraction of the cost of other overhead lift systems
  • Check with your insurer to see if you’re covered for reimbursement
  • Shipped to you for self-assembly or have one of our dealers assemble it for you
  • Caregivers save time and energy transferring patients
  • Assembles in minutes and is easy to move and reassemble
Traxx Mobility Systems

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift


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