Home Health Care The New Norm For Older Adults

Who wouldn’t want to stay in their own home and grow old with your loved one.  There are many options for older adults to aid their choice of home care or home health care.  Reverse mortgages, home health aides, affordable home medical devices and furniture can help make the choice to stay put easier.

If you have mobility issues, staying in your home presents unique challenges. Simple tasks like getting out of bed or using the restroom can put additional stress and strain on yourself and your caregiver. Often, the primary caregiver is a loved one, who may have physical limitations as well.

overhead track lift

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift

Home medical equipment should be reliable, affordable, helpful and easy to use. The Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift has been designed to meet all four of these criteria. The overhead track system ships as a complete unit, including the sling, and does not attach to the home. A heavy-duty, freestanding aluminum frame and overhead track support a fully rechargeable electric lift motor. A four-point lift bar creates a more secure and comfortable lift experience for the patient.

The most important aspect of the Titan 500 is the ease of use. A simple handheld remote powers the lift up and down while the motor unit and sling easily glide along the overhead track to transfer the patient in and out of bed. No heavy lifting or straining for the caregiver and a secure and dignified transfer for the patient.

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