Deciding to Serve as a Family Caregiver: 8 Factors to Consider

“If you are considering serving as primary caregiver for a parent or other elderly person, or you think you might be called upon to do so in the future, or if you already are providing care but your role is likely to expand, here are some questions to consider:”

Right at Home of Central NJ

In our rapidly aging society, more and more of us find ourselves transitioning into the role of caregiver for an older relative. Consider these common scenarios:

  • A senior experiences a stroke, heart attack, hip fracture or other health crisis, and family step in to support recovery.
  • A senior loved one is living with a chronic illness or Alzheimer’s disease. As time passes, family members provide a greater amount of transportation, healthcare management and hands-on medical and personal care as their loved one’s care needs grow.
  • It seems unsafe for elderly parents to be living alone—but Mom and Dad don’t want to move to an assisted living community.

Or, maybe your senior parent is still independent and in good health, so you really haven’t given caregiving much thought? Whatever your situation, if you are an adult child of senior parents, thinking through your role and planning ahead will help you be…

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