Patient Lifts and Potential Complications of Immobility

For those patients with limited mobility, getting out of bed is crucial to maintaining their health. Above and beyond the obvious mental health issues with staying in bed all day, the physical aspects of inactivity and extended periods of time in a prone position can have catastrophic effects on a patient’s health.

mobilityThe most visually apparent complication is pressure ulcers on the patients skin. Other problems arise with the musculoskeletal system with muscle atrophy and weakened bones through non-use. Our gastrointestinal tract relies on gravity to move waste through our system. Staying in bed hinders that process too.

ceiling track lift

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500 Patient Lift

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lifts are an extremely affordable solution for an in home lift that only requires one caregiver for effortless patient transfer. A hand-held remote operates the overhead track lift motor that is rated up to 500 pounds. A gentle push on the patient moves the wheeled motor unit across the track to allow the patient to be lowered into a wheelchair or commode chair.

ceiling lift system

Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift

The Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift ships directly to your home and assembles in minutes. The freestanding aluminum frame does not attach to the home and the modular design allows it to be disassembled and moved to a cottage, second home or assisted living facility. Rechargeable batteries allow the unit to run even when the power is out.

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