Overhead Patient Lift Ideal In Home Health Care

Floor Sling Lift For years, caregivers have been frustrated with floor-based patient lifts. The cumbersome and unwieldly device has undergone little change in design since it was first manufactured in the 1950s. Whether they are manual or electric, this type of lift has always been designed for institutional use. The smooth floors, larger rooms and access to extra trained staff in hospitals and nursing homes make it a very reasonable solution as a patient lift.

Home Health Care is creating a need for a new type of patient lift. The home presents a myriad of restrictions on the old style of patient lifts. Typically, one caregiver is available to operate the device in a room full of furniture with carpeting on the floor. To get an idea of how difficult it is to use this type of lift, let’s go through the process.

The lift must first be positioned above the bed. To do so, the legs must be spread to the wide lifting position and slid under the bed. The caregiver will then lift the patient, pull the device out from under the bed, with the patient at the highest lift point, and reposition the device over a wheelchair. In order to successfully transfer the patient with this type of lift, you will need a lot of space around the bed and the strength to reposition the lift with the patient in it. This can be a monumental and time-consuming task for one caregiver to perform several times a day.

Overhead Patient Lift

Traxx Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift

Traxx Mobility Systems manufactures an Overhead Patient Lift that is ideal for the home health care setting. It was designed to be economical, simple to use, portable and safe. It allows a single caregiver to safely transfer a patient in three minutes without the physical strain associated with a floor-based lift.

The system consists of a freestanding aluminum frame that straddles the bed and leaves room for a wheelchair or other similar device. An electric motor raises and lowers the patient with the push of a button. The motor unit glides along the overhead beam on heavy duty trolley wheels when the caregiver gently pushes the patient across to reposition them. No stress, no strain.

As more and more people choose to age in place and remain in their homes longer, the overhead patient lift is the ideal solution for those with limited mobility. At just under eight feet tall, the frame fits in a typical bedroom. Three different available beam lengths (8ft / 10 ft / 12 ft) allow the frame to fit over any size bed and still have room for the wheelchair, shower chair or commode.

The Titan 500 Patient Lift system comes with everything you need to transfer a patient, including the sling. It ships directly to your home, comes partially assembled and fully assembles in twenty minutes. Call us toll-free for a quote today! 855-872-9967 (855-TRAXXMS)

For more information, visit our website, find us on Facebook and watch our YouTube channel.



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