is ageing in place realistic?

“Though some may equate universal design with physical handicaps, that is only a small fraction of the concept. In actuality, the intent of universal design is to enhance the quality of life for all of us, regardless of age or ability.”

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The age demographics in North America are fairly consistent between Canada and the US; our populations are ageing and a significant portion are close to or beyond retirement. This equates to more than a strain on our respective health care systems. As much as we can plan for—and design to accommodate—ageing in place, how realistic an expectation is it when elderly people choose to remain living on their own?

is ageing in place realistic? | @meccinteriors | design bites image:

Forbes recently published Is Aging in Place a Pipe Dream?, written by Ashlea Ebeling.

Housing is the linchpin of our well-being, according to the AARP Foundation and the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies which held the conference in conjunction with the release of a new report, Housing America’s Older Adults—Meeting the Needs of An Aging Population. The experts explored the mismatch between the nation’s housing stock and Americans’ desire to age in place at home. And they…

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