Lifting the Standard of Home Care

home aideAs more health care moves in to the home, tried and true practices from institutional settings need to follow. Care must not degrade because of a change in venue. While costs for home care may remain lower than traditional nursing homes or assisted living facilities, care in the home must maintain professional standards for procedure. Granted, there are levels of home care; not all home care is medical. However, if medical care is being provided in the home, efforts must be made to provide the proper equipment and training for effective care.

Home care patients who have limited mobility face challenges daily. Above and beyond the care they receive, modifications to the home often need to be implemented. Creating access to the various areas of the home can be challenging, and often, a new approach to health care in the home needs to be explored. Whether it is using technology to address access issues with staircases, bathrooms and bedrooms, or moving your living space to a more accessible part of the home, preparing your home for health care is the first step to maintaining a higher standard of care.

Adding health care equipment to the home can be both liberating and frustrating. On the one hand, you have assistive devices to help with your mobility issues and on the other, that equipment may get in the way occasionally. Finding the right equipment can be extremely important. You need to find a device that can do the job safely and effectively. If a device is inexpensive, but difficult to use, it may not be the right piece of equipment for home care.

Floor Sling LiftCase in point, the floor-based patient lift. The device works great in institutional settings. Hospitals and nursing homes have enough staff on hand (two aides) to properly use the device. Smooth flooring surfaces and large rooms without furniture or clutter make the lift easier to operate safely. The same device, which Medicare will cover fully, can be a nightmare to use in the home. Typically, a patient will have only one aide as well as a room full of furniture and carpeting. Not the ideal device for the situation as it can contribute to unsafe operation as well as a higher risk of caregiver injury.

Traxx Mobility Systems manufactures a freestanding overhead patient lift designed for home care. The TITAN 500 lift system allows a single caregiver to safely transfer a patient without risk of injury. It does not attach to the structure so it can be used throughout the home in different situations. An overhead lift can provide a lift experience that is safer, more comfortable and even more dignified. The system ships as a complete system, sling included, all at one low price.

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500

Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

Visit our website for more information on the TITAN 500. You can also find us on Facebook and watch our channel on YouTube. Contact us for a free quote at 855-872-9967.



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