Helping Him Get Comfortable in Bed

A family caregiver puts so much thought and effort in to caring for a loved one. Caregiving is much more than handing out medicine and preparing meals. It is a truly selfless act on behalf of another human being.

MS Caregiver Sharing

One of the most difficult aspects of caring for someone who has limited movement is getting them comfortable in bed; at least it is for me.  When I lie down at night, I know it takes a few moves here and there just to find that right position of comfort that allows me to settle in to sleep—that sweet spot.  However, when you are responsible for helping someone else find their “sweet spot,” you don’t have the benefit of “feeling” for just that right point of pressure and relaxation; so how do you help them get comfortable?  Here are some things I do to help Lynn be as comfortable as possible in bed.

I use lots and lots of pillows to help me position him. He has gastric reflux so I have a wedge pillow under the top of his mattress to elevate his head. Unfortunately, that can cause his head…

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