Patient Lifts Help Those with Limited Mobility

Patient lifting devices are not only for the elderly. Young and old alike suffer from mobility issues. Whether it is a chronic illness, traumatic injury or genetic disease, limited mobility affects millions of people in the US. It is often difficult for those with mobility issues to maintain their basic activities of daily living or ADLs, routine activities that people tend to do everyday without needing assistance. There are six basic ADLs: eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking) and continence (the ability to voluntarily control urinary and fecal discharge).


Traxx Mobility Systems provides assistance to those with limited mobility by manufacturing a freestanding overhead patient lift, the Titan 500. The Titan 500 works in the home and helps those with difficulty getting in and out of bed and into a wheelchair. Designed by a service-disabled veteran, the Titan 500 fits in a standard bedroom, does not attach to any structure and allows a single caregiver, often  an untrained family member, to safely transfer a loved one from bed to wheelchair.

patient lift

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift

 A heavy-duty aluminum frame supports a rechargeable electric motor which can perform approximately 100 lifts on one battery charge. The frame operates at a height of just over 7 feet tall and is freestanding so no costly installation costs are required as well as making the lift fairly portable. The nearly three foot wide footings support the frame and provide a solid base to prevent tipping.
     Perhaps the most important feature of the Titan 500 is the ability of a single caregiver to safely transfer a patient without fear of injury. Often, floor-based patient lifts require the caregiver to physically move the patient lift with the patient in it. This can be extremely dangerous with a single caregiver as there may be many obstacles prohibiting a safe transfer. Bedroom furniture and carpeting can prevent a simple transfer and add risk to an already risky procedure. An overhead lift allows the caregiver to simply push a button after fitting the sling under the patient and lifting them up. Once clear of the bed, the caregiver gently glides the patient across the overhead transverse beam. When the patient is in place over the wheelchair, the motor safely lowers them in to place. The entire process can take as little as three minutes with minimal physical effort on the caregivers part.
Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500

Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

The freestanding frame also helps to relieve bedroom clutter by spanning the bed and having the support legs towards the walls and out of the way. An eight, ten or twelve foot overhead transverse beam provides options for any size bed or bedroom. The frames modular design allows for quick and easy assembly and transporting of the lift if necessary. The lift is shipped partially assembled and fully assembles in about 20 minutes by two adults.
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