Home Care Safe Patient Handling

homecareAs health care moves into the home, safe patient handling techniques need to follow. More family members are playing an active role in the care for their aging parents and loved ones with physical disabilities.  They do not have a lot of training and need easy to use equipment for lifting and transferring their loved ones to and from their bed and wheelchair.

caregiver injuryMusculoskeletal injuries to the back, neck, shoulder, and arms are common among caregivers. The only safe way to lift a patient is through the use of a mechanical lift, not through body mechanics. An overhead lift protects caregivers from injury while providing more efficient transfers and increased mobility for patients.

There are risks involved in moving patients in the home when a device is not used.

  • An overexerted caregiver could accidentally injure themselves.
  • An overexerted caregiver could accidently harm the patient.
  • The patient may be injured by being dropped, jarred, or not properly handled during unassisted transfers.
  • 75% Risk of Injury for each manual lift
  • Overhead Patient Lifts provide zero lift for caregivers, reducing debilitating back, shoulder, and arm injuries.
Overhead Track Lift

Traxx Mobility Systems Titan 500

The Titan 500 is an overhead patient lift designed for home care. It is freestanding so it does not attach to the structure making it a portable solution for inside or outside of the home. It allows a single caregiver, often a family member, to safely transfer a patient from bed to chair and back again without the fear of injury. Safe and simple to use, the Titan 500 is virtually maintenance free.

Proudly Made in the USA, the Titan 500 comes in three sizes and works with any size bed. The lift ships directly to the customer from our factory in Michigan. It arrives partially assembled and can be fully assembled by two adults in thirty minutes.

Learn more about the Titan 500 on our website, find us on Facebook and watch our YouTube channel.


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