A Better Way To Transfer Patients In The Home

Family Caregivers and Home Health Aides struggle with floor-based lifts in the home. Older homes can present many problems for those who rely on caregivers for help with activities of daily living. A freestanding overhead patient lift can overcome many of the barriers to accessibility in the home.

Room size is often the cause of much stress and strain when relying on a floor-based patient lift. A traditional lift needs quite a bit of room for a caregiver to manoeuvre once the patient is in the lift. Many modern beds do not allow access for the lift to fit under the bed. The Titan 500 can work with just about any bed. It spans the bed leaving room for wheelchair access. The freestanding frame remains in place while the caregiver gently glides the patient across the overhead beam.

Titan 500

The Titan 500, a freestanding overhead patient lift for home health care.

The Titan 500 is freestanding and does not attach to the structure. We have three lengths of overhead beam to accommodate any size bed or bedroom. It can be lowered and moved to another room, or be completely dismantled and taken to another location. It can also be fitted with casters to provide an easier move within larger structures like group or personal care homes.

The stress and strain of transferring a patient in a floor-based lift on carpet is avoided using an overhead lift. The rechargeable electric lift motor does all the heavy lifting while the caregiver can simply and gently push or pull the patient into place. The caregiver has plenty of room to work and the bedroom furniture can often stay in place.

Patient Lift

Traxx Mobility Systems Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

The Titan 500 is extremely efficient and is rated to lift up to 500 pounds. The frame is made of lightweight, but heavy-duty, aluminum which makes it easy to move and maintain. A complete overhead lift system, the Titan 500 includes the frame, motor, spreader bar, remote control, battery charger, a universal sling (4 sizes) and free shipping within the continental US.

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We have been proudly manufacturing and selling the Titan 500, designed by service-disabled veteran Guido Capaldi, in Michigan since 2008.



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