A Caregiver’s Guide to Hoarding among the Elderly


Hoarding is not usually one of the  issues caregivers often think about when dealing with the elderly. Yet hoarding poses significant risks to the elderly as well as to the community, and it may very well impede the work of the caregiver unnecessarily.

Hoarding is defined as the keeping of possessions that do not pose a use or benefit to the person and that interfere with daily living. Studies, such as one reported in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,  have found that compulsive hoarding is not something that begins during the elderly years; it is something that starts early on in life and simply progresses with each decade that a person ages. This is why by the time hoarders are in their elderly years, the hoarding may be severe and even compulsive, yet the hoarding tendencies have been there all along.

Read the whole article here:  http://www.seniorsmatter.com/senior-living/caregivers-guide-hoarding-among-elderly/



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