Home Is Where The Heart Is. Unfortunately, The Body Doesn’t Always Comply.

aideHome is where the heart is. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t always comply.

Home health care can be a challenge but, for many, it may be the only option. Benefits are being slashed while costs are on the rise. Private nursing homes and assisted living can cost thousands a month. Many people have spent their lifetime building equity in their home and choose to stay and adapt as they age. Often, chronic illness or disability may be present and more extreme measures of home care may be necessary.

Spouses and other family members are taking on the challenges of home health care to keep their loved ones at home. The increased workload and logistics is often offset by the peace of mind of personal care and a familiar face.

The Titan 500 is a freestanding overhead patient lift designed for home health care and family caregivers. It works within the confines of the average bedroom while allowing a single caregiver, often a family member, to safely operate it.


Titan 500 – 12 Foot Overhead Beam with King Bed

The aluminum frame is solid and sturdy. The rechargeable electric motor is easy to operate and nearly maintenance free. The Titan 500 is a complete lift system that comes with all accessories and even includes a universal sling and free shipping.

Traditional floor-based patient lifts like the Hoyer can be difficult to manage in the home. Floor coverings and limited space restrict the movement necessary to safely operate these types of lifts in the home. The Titan 500 replaces those lifts at a comparable price and can be moved from room to room or even be taken apart and moved to another location.

Traxx Mobility Systems

Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift for Home Health Care. 


The other benefit to the Titan 500 is the overhead lifting action over the boom arms of the floor-based lifts. An overhead lift provides a more stable and safe lifting experience for the patient. The patient is always fully supported by the frame work. The patient remains under the motor and trolley wheels which makes for little effort on the caregivers part to glide them across the length of the beam.

Rated to lift up to 500 lbs, the Titan 500 can safely and easily lift any size patient. We offer four different sizes of slings, which feature extra padding around the shoulders and leg straps for comfort. The universal sling can be used for transfers and tolieting as is machine washable.

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