Why do poor people deserve welfare benefits?

Written by Kyle Thomas, “I’m no expert. I could be entirely wrong.”

Opponents of welfare will always try to paint a picture of scarcity, but the truth is there is more wealth within our entire species than ever before. There is no ethical justification for depriving anyone basic dignity that isn’t just flat out murder by proxy.

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Improving The Quality Of Life For Home Health Care Patients And Family Caregivers

When it comes to individual care within the household, a bedroom is most often chosen as the primary care setting.  Average room size is limited, usually less than 12 foot by 12 foot in total.  With a bed and multiple pieces of furniture, the amount of space needed to properly maneuver the standard manual floor lift is extremely limited at best.

Traxx Mobility Systems is lifting the standard of home care with the Titan 500, a freestanding overhead patient lift system. The Titan 500 is an affordable alternative for compassionate home health care. Caregivers can have complete confidence when moving your loved one from bed to wheelchair and back again.

Traxx Mobility Systems improves the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility and their family caregivers. The Titan 500 is safe, reliable and extremely affordable. Due to its unique design, caregivers can lift and transfer their loved ones with ease, comfort and security without the physical strains of manual lifting or traditional floor based lifts.

The Titan 500 is freestanding and can be easily installed in 30 minutes. There is no need to attach it to the walls or ceilings. The lift motor is battery powered and quickly recharged. The high strength aluminum frame can support up to 500 lbs and a satin anodized finish  makes it easy to clean. A simple one touch controller and built in safety systems provide peace of mind for both patient and caregiver.


Titan 500 with 12 Foot Overhead Beam and King Size Bed

The ergonomic universal sling design combines strategically places padding and adjustable straps to provide a secure and comfortable patient transfer experience. A 4 point lift bar helps bring a more stable and pleasant lift for the patient.

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6 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Aging in Place

10 Kitchen Updates Help Seniors Age-in-Place

This article originally appeared on senior.com.

Home Ready for Aging in Place1.  It pays to retrofit. Basic design and structural modifications to a one-story home cost an average of $9,000 to $12,000, according to The MetLife Report on Aging in Place 2.0. Contrast that expense to the cost of assisted living, which averaged $3,500 per month in 2014, according to Genworth Financial, or $42,000 a year.

2. Think small. Start with replacement hardware, such as lever-handled doorknobs and sturdy handrails along stairs. Install grab bars, single-handled faucets and “comfort height” toilets in the bathrooms. Upgrade your kitchen by adding rollout shelves and better lighting under the cabinets. (For a comprehensive to-do list, see the Aging-in-Place Remodeling Checklist at http://www.nahb.org.)

3. Make it accessible. Other modifications will cost more, and you may want to consult an expert. Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) — who have completed a program developed by the National Association of Home Builders in collaboration with AARP — can create a prioritized to-do list suited to your budget and resources (to search by zip code, visit the NAHB website at http://www.nahb.org and search for “CAPS Directory”). If, for example, your home has entry steps, consider installing a ramp; it will run $1,200 to $2,500, according to http://www.costowl.com. A curbless modular shower will cost $2,000 to $3,000 to install.

4. Consider the big picture. Structural changes may include widening doorways and corridors and eliminating walls to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters, or even creating space in a multistory home to add an elevator later. The perfect time to make such adjustments is when you’re updating or remodeling your home.

5. Tap your equity. If you have substantial equity in your home, you have multiple ways to pay for improvements, such as a cash-out refinance of your mortgage, a home-equity loan or line of credit, or a reverse mortgage. For more information on reverse mortgages, visit the websites of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (go to http://www.cfpb.gov and search for “reverse mortgage”) and the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (http://www.reversemortgage.org). Veterans may be eligible for a grant to construct or retrofit their homes (see http://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/adaptedhousing.asp).

6. Use Technology for support.  R2-D2 to the rescue. Voice-activated robot helpers are on the way. Meanwhile, existing tech tools can help you stay in touch with family, caregivers and community, as well as monitor your health and provide for security, says Laurie Orlov, founder of the Aging in Place Technology Watch (http://www.ageinplacetech.com). For example, the BeClose system (http://beclose.com; $499 for equipment plus $99 a month) will alert your emergency contacts if you diverge from your usual activity pattern.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is. Unfortunately, The Body Doesn’t Always Comply.

aideHome is where the heart is. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t always comply.

Home health care can be a challenge but, for many, it may be the only option. Benefits are being slashed while costs are on the rise. Private nursing homes and assisted living can cost thousands a month. Many people have spent their lifetime building equity in their home and choose to stay and adapt as they age. Often, chronic illness or disability may be present and more extreme measures of home care may be necessary.

Spouses and other family members are taking on the challenges of home health care to keep their loved ones at home. The increased workload and logistics is often offset by the peace of mind of personal care and a familiar face.

The Titan 500 is a freestanding overhead patient lift designed for home health care and family caregivers. It works within the confines of the average bedroom while allowing a single caregiver, often a family member, to safely operate it.


Titan 500 – 12 Foot Overhead Beam with King Bed

The aluminum frame is solid and sturdy. The rechargeable electric motor is easy to operate and nearly maintenance free. The Titan 500 is a complete lift system that comes with all accessories and even includes a universal sling and free shipping.

Traditional floor-based patient lifts like the Hoyer can be difficult to manage in the home. Floor coverings and limited space restrict the movement necessary to safely operate these types of lifts in the home. The Titan 500 replaces those lifts at a comparable price and can be moved from room to room or even be taken apart and moved to another location.

Traxx Mobility Systems

Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift for Home Health Care. 


The other benefit to the Titan 500 is the overhead lifting action over the boom arms of the floor-based lifts. An overhead lift provides a more stable and safe lifting experience for the patient. The patient is always fully supported by the frame work. The patient remains under the motor and trolley wheels which makes for little effort on the caregivers part to glide them across the length of the beam.

Rated to lift up to 500 lbs, the Titan 500 can safely and easily lift any size patient. We offer four different sizes of slings, which feature extra padding around the shoulders and leg straps for comfort. The universal sling can be used for transfers and tolieting as is machine washable.

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Turnkey Caregiving Solution for Home Health Care Patient Transfers

The Titan 500 is a turnkey solution for caregiving in the home. Those living with disabilities or chronic disease can remain in their own house longer and avoid the nursing home. Family caregivers, with help from home health aides, can transfer their loved one from bed to wheelchair, or other assistive device like a shower chair or bedside commode.


traxx mobility systems
Titan 500 Overhead Patient Lift

The Titan 500 comes complete with a freestanding frame, rechargeable electric motor, spreader bar, remote control and battery charger. The lift also includes a free universal sling as well as free freight shipping within the continental U.S. The Titan 500 arrives partially assembled and can be fully assembled by two adults in about 30 minutes.

patient lift
Patient Lift Ships Directly To Your Home

The Titan 500 utilizes an overhead lift technique to transfer patients in the home. An overhead lift protects both the patient and caregiver from injuries associated with floor-based lifts. Tip overs can leave patients injured while the physical strain of operating these floor-based lifts can prove dangerous to the caregivers wellbeing. The Titan 500 allows a single caregiver to safely transfer a patient in the home. Some of our customers can even operate their lifts without the help of a home health aide.

Titan 500
Twelve Foot Titan 500 with King Bed

Our lift is designed to work in the home. Its working height is 88 inches high and fits in the standard bedroom. We offer three different lengths of overhead beam to work with any size bed, from single and hospitals beds up to King size. Our rechargeable electric motor is simple to operate and even easier to maintain. Simply charge the motor overnight once weekly with normal use. The handheld remote control allows the caregiver to lift and lower the patient with ease. The motor gently glides across the overhead beam with little effort by the caregiver.

freestanding overhead patient lift
Rechargeable Electric Lift Motor & Freestanding Frame

The included four point universal sling is machine washable and comes in four different sizes. The universal sling can be used for transfers and toileting making it the standard choice for home care. The slings are very easy to apply and remove from the patient when in a wheelchair or other device. They are very supportive and padding around the shoulders and legs help make them more comfortable.

titan 500
Standard Eight Foot Lift with Hospital Bed

Our standard Titan 500 system includes an eight foot long overhead beam and retails for $3695, delivered. We also offer ten foot ($3850) and twelve foot ($3995) systems that work with Queen and King beds respectively. Locking casters can be added to the frame for an additional $200. The standard frame is fitted with furniture glides which will not scratch your floors.

home health care
Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

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The Art of the Transfer

By Laurie Watanabe

(This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Mobility Management.)

In complex rehab’s world of responsive electronics, CAD drawings and space-age materials, it’s easy to see how the lowly transfer gets overlooked. When done correctly, transitions from bed to wheelchair to shower bench to car seat can be mere afterthoughts in a wheelchair user’s day. But when transfers are difficult or unsafe, they open the door to a range of problems, from heightened risk of falls and skin breakdown to reducing participation in activities when wheelchair users and caregivers decide the hassle of a transfer just isn’t worth it. The sheer number of people who use wheelchairs, and the family members, friends and professional caregivers who support them, indicate that mastering the transfer is vital to the overall mobility equation.


To that point, Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, director of rehab industry affairs for Quantum Rehab, pointed out, “With an estimated 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States, 1.825 million of whom are greater than 65 years of age, there is a minimum of 6.6 million wheelchair transfers completed every day.”

So what is a successful transfer? “Many may say that the number one goal of a successful transfer is for the wheelchair user to perform the task independently,” Piriano said, “so that he or she can use the chair. However, this really is a subset of the real goal of a successful transfer, which is to prevent falls and avoid injury to the wheelchair user and/or the caregiver.”

Continue Reading This Article Here: https://mobilitymgmt.com/articles/2016/03/01/wheelchair-transfers.aspx


Traxx Mobility Systems manufactures the Titan 500, a freestanding overhead patient lift for home health care. It allows a single caregiver to safely transfer a patient between bed and wheelchair or other assistive device. Designed by a service-disabled veteran, the Titan 500 is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

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Teaching In-Home Caregivers Seems To Pay Off — The Caregiver Space

Low-income Californians who are elderly and disabled were less likely to go to the emergency room or be hospitalized after their in-home caregivers participated in an intensive training program, according to a report. Under a pilot program, nearly 6,000 aides in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Contra Costa counties were trained in CPR and first…

via Teaching In-Home Caregivers Seems To Pay Off — The Caregiver Space

When Should You Involve the Kids in Caregiving?

The quality of your relationship with your parent will make the differenceteen helping elder

If you are a card-carrying member of the Sandwich Generation — working outside of the home, caring for your family (which may include young children or “boomerangers”) and for an older parent, as well — your children could be a big help in taking some of the burden off your shoulders. As an added bonus, they could have a memorable experience with their grandparents by becoming important members of your caregiving team.

The operative word here, however, is could. And the relationship both you and your children have with your parent is an important factor in whether they should be.

Read the entire article here:  http://www.nextavenue.org/when-should-you-grandparent-caregiving/

Traxx Mobility Systems manufactures and sell the Titan 500, a freestanding overhead patient lift for home health care. It allows a single caregiver, often a family member, to safely transfer a loved one between the bed and a wheelchair or other assistive device. It protects both the caregiver and the patient from injuries associated with manual transfers or traditional floor-based patient lifts.


Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift for Home Health Care

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Long Term Care in the Home

Modern Medical Devices Allow For Primary Care At Home

For those living with physical disabilities or chronic disease, the independence that home health care affords is priceless. Home health aides can supplement and provide respite for family caregivers allowing the patient to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Homes are currently being built with many convenient options as part of the design process. Retro-fitting homes to increase accessibility has become more cost effective with new technology. The equipment needed has even been redesigned to work more efficiently in the home. Many new products are on the market that increase accessibility to the home while remaining more cost effective than an extended stay at a long term care facility.

Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

Titan 500 Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

Traxx Mobility Systems manufactures the Titan 500, a freestanding overhead patient lift designed for home health care. Overhead lifting is the preferred method of transfers in any healthcare setting, from hospitals to nursing homes. It provides a more comfortable and dignified lift experience for the patient while protecting the caregiver from the stress and strain of manual transfers and floor-based lifts. While ceiling lifts have been available in the home for some time, it has not been a viable option for most people. It is fairly cost prohibitive for most people and not always an option for those renting or looking to sell their home or downsize at some point in the near future.

The Titan 500 replaces the traditional floor-based lift, often referred to as a Hoyer. The tight spaces and carpet can make the floor-based lift a difficult choice for home health care. Technically, it requires two caregivers to safely transfer a patient, one to move the lift and another to spot the patient should the lift encounter any obstacles on the floor during a transfer. The physical task of moving the lift along the floor with the weight of a patient can be too much for a family caregiver.

The Titan 500 features a freestanding frame along with a rechargeable electric lift motor. The frame spans the bed and allows room for a wheelchair or other assistive device. The electric motor does all the heavy lifting, no hydraulic pump to deal with like the hoyer. Once the patient is up in the air, the caregiver can gently glide them across the overhead beam with little effort. Once in place, the caregiver can lower the patient safely with the press of a button.


Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift

The Titan 500 is an ideal solution for those who wish to remain in their home and avoid the high costs of nursing homes or a full home ceiling lift system. The freestanding frame does not attach to the structure in any way and can be completely dismantled and moved to another location. The system is quick to assemble, easy to operate and simple to maintain.

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